Jom kenali Poached Egg

Haha saya baru tau tentang “poached egg” selepas ada rakan share di FB..jom tengok link ni.

Pada saya, saya tak suka sebab telur kuning tu still cair, saya pon suka telur putih je..tapi teringin gak nak rasa kelembutan telur putih dimasak begini..ok will try..

Jom layan koleksi-koleksi “poached egg”

images (1)

(dimakan bersama roti)


(dimakan bersama steak & avokado)


( dimakan bersama lada sulah)

Ok, harini belajar ilmu baru tentang kepelbagaian telur..mesti suami saya suka.



Chef Ryan Khang did a demo on a simple way to prepare perfect poached egg, I tried and it worked perfectly. I am sharing this recipe.

The “recipe” is very simple. Fresh eggs are preferred as the egg whites will be less susceptible to become separated from the yolk. Also, bigger does not mean better when it comes to egg. Eggs in room temperature is assumed in this method, otherwise you might have to let it cooked longer than described.

  • bring water to boil in a saucepan or pot with water tall enough to cover an egg’s height
  • add a couple tablespoon of vinegar, this is to prevent dispersion of the egg white
  • crack egg into a cup first
  • when the water is boiling, stir saucepan/pot to create a vortex
  • add another tablespoon of vinegar to the cup with egg then gently pour the egg into middle of the vortex
  • switch off the fire and let cook for 2 minutes
  • slowly flip the egg over, covering the egg yolk and let it cook for another 2 minutes
  • (alternate extra step) dunk the poached egg in water to remove vinegar taste
  • ready to serve!

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